Abigail Reyes was born in 1984 in San Salvador, El Salvador.
She lives in La Libertad, El Salvador. 


Current / Upcoming

  • Melodrama. Espacio Unión, México D.F.
  • Insignias. Galería La Única, San Salvador, El Salvador.  
  • Untitled. Lokkus Gallery, Medellín, Colombia.

Solo Exhibitions

  • Intervention. Library Hall Gallery: P.Florentino Idoate S.J. University Centro Americana José Simeon Cañas.

  • Write three times each line: Luis Poma Gallery. El Salvador.

  • 60 Word per minute. Lokkus Gallery, Medellín, Colombia.
  • Untitled. Extra Gallery, Guatemala.
  • Good fortune. MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • To leave- to arrive. Manzanita Hall Gallery, California State University, Northridge

  • Prelibri. Museum of Contemporary Art and Design. San José, Costa Rica.

  • Prelibri. Insitu/Space L, Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Group Exhibitions

  • Stone´s throw. The Anderson Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.
  • Ingesta. TEOR/éTica, San José, Costa Rica

  • Scripted reality exhibition. Museo Jumex, México, DF.
  • Black mirror and another third world reflections. Schmidt Gallery, FAU.

  • Perspectivas latinas #18. Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Germany.
  • Video SUR. Palais de Tokyo, París.
  • Gabinet 13: Lokkus Gallery, Medellín, Colombia. 
  • Lexico: Poporopo Project, Guatemala, C.A

  • First day of good weather. Sies + Höke Gallery, Düsseldorf, Germany.
  • Sí Señor. Art Cologne with Sies + Höke Gallery, Germany.
  • Where there was fire. Permanent exhibition. Museum of Art of El Salvador, San Salvador.

  • The host. Cinema Tonalá, Room Kubrick. Bogotá, Colombia.
  • To jump the rope. Miami Art Week. Context. Miami.
  • Untitled. Taimiao Art Gallery, China, Beijing.
  • A cielo abierto. Sala Nacional de Exhibiciones, San Salvador, El Salvador.

  • Fabrikación 1. La Fábrika, La Libertad, San Salvador.
  • My universe will die with me. Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • 10: Guilt. MARTE Museum, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Generación del encierro. Teorética, San José, Costa Rica. 
  • Arte-objetó. Alternative Projects Poporopo. Guatemala.

  • This is not a de-generation . La Casa Tomada, San Salvador, El Salvador.
  • Vitamin D. Cultural Center of Spain, San Salvador, El Salvador.

Alegría relacional. La Casa Tomada, Usulután-San Salvador, El Salvador.

Awards Grants and Residencies

  • Réunion II. Performance´s festival and interventions, Tiger island / Exposición Island, Honduras.
  • Clarice O. Tavares Residence at Swiss Institute. New York, United States.
  • Adelina residency. São Paulo, Brazil.
  • Y.ES Academy. Location: is independence possible?. La Libertad, El Salvador. Artist Y.ES Grant. To produce a solo show and travel.
  • Ipsofacto Poetry Contest. Winner.
  • Rapaces: “Relational prostheses”. A workshop on the art of performance and individual identity in a social context. San Marcos, Nicaragua.
  • Rapaces: “Meaning Constructed, Meaning Found, a proposal from the audiovisual”. Diriamba, Nicaragua.